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Registration & Enrollment Steps

1. Create your free online account with CAA.  Provide accurate birthdates for all members so that our online system will give you the correct course information.  Creating your account does not obligate you to complete enrollment until you are ready to join the Academy.

2. Contact the Academy office if you have any difficulty using our online system for registration or completing your enrollment process.  We strive to make our online system as easy to use as possible for all of our clients.  You may also be asked to call our office at 901-861-7001 to arrange a complimentary visit class or set up an appointment with an instructor.

3. Make certain you understand and agree to follow the Academy enrollment policies. All enrollment policies are available through our website and your online account portal in the Academy Guidebook.  Once your non-refundable registration fee and first month's tuition installment has been paid, you are fully enrolled at Collierville Arts Academy.

To create your free online account with Collierville Arts Academy, please click the button below:

Office Phone: 901-861-7001
Walk-In Hours: Mondays through Thursdays 4:30-8:30pm Saturdays 10am-1pm, Closed on Sundays
Class Hours:  See the daily schedule in your online account portal.

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