Are YOU Skywalker?   Are YOU Zorro?
Do YOU wish you were a Jedi?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions,
you REALLY need to come us visit at:

BATTLEMASTERS at Collierville Arts Academy

What is BattleMasters?


BattleMasters is a martial arts program - not unlike Karate or Tae Kwon Do in some ways. The biggest distinction is that those programs have an empty hand focus whereas our BattleMasters program is all about utilizing padded full-size weapons: short sword, longsword, staff, nunchaku, knife, double swords.

However, our goal is on creating "heroes".
That is our distinction.  Our program develops personal character through the study of virtues, physical discipline and development, and instilling confidence for each of our students.

For a preview and basic overview, please watch this introductory video by Sensei Tom and then come take a Free visit class at Collierville Arts Academy.



Within each of us exists a 'Hero'.

Normally dormant, the heroic self is an iconic version of ourselves that manifests during moments of great tension or pressure. It can act with purpose and a heightened awareness of right and wrong, seeking to choose the proper and correct action. The Hero only uses force if necessary - and always the proper amount - for a true Hero ALWAYS exercises discipline and control. The Hero is a warrior - the warrior embodied in the concepts of guardian, protector, knight, and champion. One who earns these titles exemplifies the highest of virtues that we admire in great leaders and heroes throughout the ages: Honor, Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Loyalty, Service, Sincerity, Mastery, and perhaps most important of all, Humility.

Never is the Hero a bully or villain.


The 'Hero' can be developed.

How do you TRAIN to become a HERO? Well, believe it or not, you CAN train to confidently perform like a hero - like most worthwhile endeavors, it just takes practice. The results and effects of your training to be the hero ultimately hinge on your choices alone: to step up and be the hero or not.

But remember:
"with great power and knowledge comes great responsibility!"

The BattleMasters program encourages the development of positive Virtues at each level - work must be done to demonstrate understanding and some growth
...thus the Code of Honor.


The BattleMasters Code of Honor is a verbal statement of the BattleMasters Hero Philosophy. It is also a pre-class opportunity for students to recommit themselves to the program and to re-establish respect and authority for the instructors. Students should not say the Code of Honor lightly. They should understand that they are promising to uphold themselves to scrutiny and to prove themselves worthy of the training they receive.

As the Code is said before every class, it sets the tempo and pace for the entire practice. Its purpose is to empower and give positive momentum to the student’s training and to remind them why they are participating in the martial arts. It also offers them a chance to reflect upon the application of these statements in their lives. 

I) I will develop myself in a Positive manner: Both Mentally and Physically.

BattleMasters Hero Training is designed to help provide structure and growth opportunities for students of all ages. Our activities certainly challenge the physical abilities of the body but they also challenge the intellect. The importance of good physical health as well as the development of a solid capability to dynamically problem solve under intense pressure are lessons that will have a direct impact upon students for a lifetime.

II) I will develop Positive Virtues in order to Bring out the Best in Myself and Others.

BattleMasters know that the Hero that waits to be released within each of us can be developed and strengthened in stages, even during "normal times", when under no pressure - if one is patient and dedicated. The shape and expression of your inner Hero is molded by purposefully developing the high Virtues that we admire in the great heroes and leaders throughout history. The charisma and lasting impressions of these figures of lore are defined by their actions, in accordance with their use of Virtuous behavior and decisions, results in an enduring legacy of legend.

III) I will NEVER use my skills to Abuse or Offend Anyone.

Never is the Hero a bully or villain. Unleashing the inner Hero means exercising control and developing mastery. Undisciplined, wild power is dangerous to the wielder AND those nearby. Discipline is what separates the ruffians from the royalty. Humility, the most important BattleMaster Virtue, is the keystone that keeps the other Virtues in check. It allows the Hero to fully develop and become a person who earns respect and properly exercises authority. Arrogance and condescension – if not replaced by Discipline, Mastery, or Humility – create the Villains that have caused terror and fear throughout the ages. The BattleMasters Program seeks to prevent this from happening by reinforcing the positive development of the iconic Hero that sleeps within us all.

IV) I will do My Personal Best in this class (or on this Test).

As with any sport or worthwhile endeavor, the final assessment of satisfaction and of a job ‘well-done’ is derived from how much investment is made directly by the one doing the work. This is the value of a sense of accomplishment. In the case of BattleMasters, students know that giving their ALL in all areas – mentally, physically, and behaviorally – is part of their duty and leadership roles within the program. And of course, a Hero does not do things half-heartedly - the Hero goes all-out, fully energized and ready to deal with anything.
THAT is their 'personal best!'

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