Are you Arthur? Leonardo? Skywalker?
Unleash the hero within yourself using safe, padded weapons through the BattleMasters™ program and find out!

You will use short swords, longswords, staves, double swords, knives, nunchukus, sword/shield, and arrows as you develop technique, patterns, and blocking/striking sets during regular classes.

Experience fun, exhilarating yet serious Battle Games designed to let you apply your newly acquired skills.

It’s the closest thing to a video game or real edged-weapons combat that there is! SUPER FUN without the PAIN or DAMAGE!

BattleMasters FAQ


What is the BattleMasters Program at CAA?

BattleMasters is a structured martial arts program for students age 6.5 - adults centered squarely on using padded weapons to explore historical and cultural weapons combat styles. Our program offer students the opportunity to engage in close-range, edged weapons combat technique - and then to apply them in real-time, full-force battle simulations (games)!

This is a year-round martial arts program similar to the more common karate or taekwondo programs. The main difference is that our Padded Weapons focuses on historical and cultural weapon styles using safe, padded weapons and instead of striving for a 'black belt', our students are working towards receiving the vaunted 'black sash'. Depending upon the program, student's age, and the number of times per week a student is able to come and train, completing the program to receive a black sash may take 2 - 3.5 years.

It's easiest to think of our programs in the context of a traditional unarmed martial arts program like Karate or Taekwon-Do. Students attend weekly class, train and work on learning skills, movements, patterns, kata and eventually demonstrate their progress through Testing and our original BattleGames. We have mentoring and leadership development built right in and expect our students to strive for excellence as they complete levels of challenging training to attain the vaunted Black Sash and the title of BATTLEMASTER!

So this is more than just a free-for-all ?

Indeed! This is so much MORE than just whacking each other with padded swords: it is the serious study of centuries-old technique and a purposeful opportunity to develop the heroic aspects of one's self. Developing and deepening self-confidence, personal mastery, and physical coordination/fitness are the larger goals of the BattleMasters programs. Proper behavior, focus, and participation ensure positive accomplishments - and such are the expectations of students in the program. As this is the case, we honor those who created and developed these arts in the past by working to master them in the present.

Discipline and dedication result in this kind of mastery.

How and when can I get started?

Our ongoing padded weapons classes do not have a start/stop date. Students may start at any time and train all year long. Training classes are for students as young as 6.5 years old through adults - in the same class times.

Potential students (and their parents) are certainly encouraged to come and watch a class but the best way to get started is to come and TRY a class. Anyone is welcome to take a FREE CLASS to help decide if they'd like to become a part of our BattleMasters padded weapons martial arts program and continue with regular, ongoing lessons.

New students may enroll in the BattleMasters program at ANY TIME. No waiting for a start date. No equipment purchase. We supply everything - just come wearing basic workout clothes, ready to learn Padded Weapons!

What happens after my free class?

After taking a free class, students who decide to enroll in the BattleMasters Padded Weapons program may choose between two class times: Mon at 6pm or Wed at 6pm. If, after taking their free class, a Padded Weapons student decides to join the regular, ongoing Padded Weapons program at CAA, a Registration Fee is assessed on the account and they begin to pay monthly tuition. Registration for all regular, ongoing Padded Weapons students takes place in person at the front counter or online through our CAA online system. Once per year, a Registration Fee is charged to all active CAA accounts. Our basic Registration Fee (for one student) is $30 and the Family Registration Fee (for 2 or more students from the same family) is $50 total. Registration Fees are due at the time of enrollment.

What about equipment? 

During the first level of BattleMasters training (White Sash), students do not need to buy anything. We supply the padded weapons. After White Sash, they can begin to accumulate their first padded weapons. At each progressive level, the students will add to their arsenal.

The Hero - Trained and Ready!

Our Teaching Philosophy


We believe that within each of us exists a 'Hero'.

Normally dormant, the heroic self is an iconic version of ourselves that manifests during moments of great tension or pressure. It can act with purpose and a heightened awareness of right and wrong, seeking to choose the proper and correct action. The Hero only uses force if necessary - and always the proper amount - for a true Hero ALWAYS exercises discipline and control. The Hero is a warrior - the warrior embodied in the concepts of guardian, protector, knight, and champion. One who earns these titles exemplifies the highest of virtues that we admire in great leaders and heroes throughout the ages: Honor, Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Loyalty, Service, Sincerity, Mastery, and perhaps most important of all, Humility. Never is the Hero a bully or villain.


The 'Hero' can be trained and developed.

How do you TRAIN to become a HERO? Well, believe it or not, you CAN train to confidently perform like a hero - it just takes practice. The results and effects of your training to be the hero ultimately hinge on your choice alone: to be the hero or to be the villain. Remember, with great power and knowledge comes great responsibility.

Thus, the BattleMasters™ programs encourage the development of positive Virtues at each level - work must be done to demonstrate understanding and some growth...thus all students the Hero's Code of Honor.