The Sport of Fencing


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New Fencers Age 9+: welcome!
Here are 4 easy steps to get into the fun sport of Fencing!

New Fencers!!


STEP ONE - Create the Account

**Create an account on our online system. Go here to: "Sign In/Sign Up". Enter your information as the main contact and then either add yourself (if you're the student) or your student to the account. Make sure to enter the proper birthdate or else our system won't be able to display the correct classes, based on the age of the student.


STEP TWO - Find the Intro Class

**Login and navigate to "Register for Classes". in the account dashboard. There you will see the student name(s) and classes that are age-appropriate. Also, note there are a few tabs to click on in the middle of the page. These are our Collierville Arts Academy Program Categories.
**Select 2023-2024 Martial Arts & Fencing. You should see "Learn to Fence!" as one of the options if your student is 9 years or older.


STEP THREE - Schedule Your Class

**Click on "Schedule Trial" underneath the course name. This will open a dropdown menu of upcoming dates for when the Learn to Fence classes will be offered. It is not offered every Saturday. Usually just twice per month.
**Select the date you want.


STEP FOUR - Pay The Fee

**Checkout and pay the fee and you're/they're all set! (Please make sure to wear proper footwear for sports, i.e. tennis or athletic shoes - crocs, flip flops, etc will not be allowed).

Medals! En garde!

Come cross blades with us!

So here's what you need to do to get back into Fencing!

Create an account on our online system. Go here to do this at: "Sign In/Sign Up". Enter your information as the main contact and then either add yourself (if you're the student) or your student to the account.

Next, contact Coach Tom here to let him know you've created an account and are ready to come try one our of our fencing classes and just need to know the correct day/times. (Since they can change from season to season and as other events may affect the schedule, it is best to confirm what is a good day/time to visit when you're ready.) Let him know a little about you: how long you've fenced, if you have your own eq, what styles, etc. Coach Tom usually responds fairly quickly since he loves to have fencers with experience come out to pit themselves against his students.

We offer recreational and competitive fencing instruction for all ages and skill levels at Collierville Arts Academy.  We offer training in all fencing styles such as foil, epee, and sabre but we specialize in epee fencing.

We just enjoy Fencing! The students enjoy squaring off against each other and anyone who visits. We have seen over the years that our fencers can be fairly challenging and surprisingly creative! So, if you come and visit, we hope it's because you love fencing, enjoy the unique challenge, find a certain camaraderie in the people, and love exploring the connection between the old world and the new in this ancient and modern sport.

Salutations! We look forward to meeting and crossing blades with you soon!

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