Fencing at CAA

Olympic-style modern fencing taught by award-winning Coach Thomas Knowles!

Unleash Your Inner Champion!

Interested in learning more about the ancient and fascinating sport of Fencing? You've come to right place!! If you're new to Fencing, please read through this page's info carefully. It will answer most of your questions. THEN, please call Coach Tom at 901-258-1075 if you have further questions and are ready to unleash your inner Zorro!

Learning to Fence!

Want to try?
First, you must learn how to fence!

Our Learn To Fence (LTF) Intro class is where ALL new fencing students begin!

It is a ONE-TIME introductory trial class for ages 9.5-99+ (we DO have many seniors and one 92 year old that fence!), boys/girls, male/female - taught by Coach Thomas Knowles, National Fencing Finalist and Certified Professional Coach/Fight Director.

This hour (to an hour and a half) long class introduces students to fencing history, covers basic equipment, presents basic foundational positions, instills proper movements, and begins teaching correct blade skills. LTF students also get to handle all of the equipment we use when fencing. Most fun of all, LTF students get a chance to Fence during their FIRST class!

Stop wondering! Know what it's like!

The purpose of this class is to answer all the questions that beginners have by introducing the basics of modern fencing and bringing it together by sparring at the end of the class. On the other side of the class, the student WILL KNOW if this is something they want to develop, train, and ultimately, compete in - as a personal sport hobby.

Fencing offers great cardio conditioning, develops eye-hand coordination, reaction times, solidifies equilibrium issues, and fosters healthy attitudes towards 'losing' and learning.

But it is something you must DO - not just watch or read about - in order to gain all of these benefits.

Come...let us help to unleash your inner champion!

Girl Scouts Fencing!

Ready? Here's the scoop:

First, create an account by going here. Create your free account then add yourself (if you are 18 or older) or your child as a student. Make sure to enter correct information regarding birthdates so the system will display the class options.

Then, navigate to the Martial Arts/Fencing tab, find Learn to Fence and select "Schedule Trial". A drop-down list of future dates for available Learn to Fence classes will appear.

Select your class date then checkout to pay your fee(s) and you're set!

When is the Learn to Fence class offered?
Most Saturdays from 9-10:30am. (Due to to the randomness of life, there may be some Saturdays where we won't be having LTF classes, this will/should be reflected in what's available in the online list of class dates BUT it is always best to contact/text Coach at 901-258-1075 to verify your class date before coming out.)

How much does it cost?
$50 per person. (If you have a group of 4 or more family/friends who wish to take the LTF, we can arrange special pricing! Contact Coach to discuss!)

Where is the class offered?
Only at Collierville Arts Academy, 1990 W. Poplar Ave, Suite 105, Collierville, TN 38017.
(We are located in the same shopping center as Enterprise Car Rental and Jin’s Donuts on Poplar Ave at Ballard Station Shopping Center - located just east of the Houston-Levee/Poplar intersection at Criss Cross Lane in Collierville, TN) Just look for the Exxon Gas Station and the Ballard Station sign marquee.

What do I wear or bring?
Just wear basic fitness clothing and sport/tennis shoes. No need to purchase ANY equipment - we will supply all of that!

Will there be any more paperwork to process?
Nope! Follow the instructions above to sign up for an account and register for the LTF Trial (which includes waivers, etc) and you're all set!