Collierville Arts Academy
Fitness & Wellness

Collierville Arts Academy offers fitness and wellness classes for men and women ages 15+. Our fitness and wellness classes are taught by certified fitness professionals with years of teaching & coaching experience.  Our staff knows how to help you achieve your goals. 

Our group classes are well-designed from beginning to end to offer you the best workout possible in the style of your choice - select from:

Reflextion pilates based flexibility mat work to increase flexibility

Iron Mat Pilates (pilates mat workout with free weights)

Fusion Kickboxing (Full body warmup with free weights and kickboxing).

Unlike most gyms and fitness centers, we do not have any long term contracts to make joining our classes expensive or difficult either. Come discover why a more personalized fitness class will give you a better workout at a better price.

Your first class is always complimentary.

Create a FREE account with CAA here.

How do I enroll for fitness classes? Enrollment for new students and returning students can be completed online or in-person. To register and enroll online, you can begin by creating your free account online here. Be certain to include your correct birthdate or the online system may restrict your ability to see the class schedule.

How do I pay my monthly fee? When you decide to register for a class, our automated front desk management system allows you to select payment options, ten (10) monthly installments at our regular tuition rate, two (2) payments (including a tuition discount), or payment-in-full (including a tuition discount). Monthly tuition installments are due before the 7th of the month. We encourage auto-pay setup to avoid a late payment fee. We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards for tuition payments.  

Are there any other expenses outside of tuition? There is an annual registration fee of $30 for one student or $50 for an entire family.  Can I try out a class before enrolling? Yes, we offer a complimentary visit class for new students and can even arrange a full week of complimentary workouts - please call our office at 901-861-7001 to arrange a visit.

Do I have to purchase any equipment? No, we supply all the equipment for our classes. You may want to bring a towel and a water bottle with you.  For some fitness workouts you can bring your own exercise mat.  We recommend purchasing your own boxing gloves from our in-studio boutique once you decide to join a class.

Can I bring a friend with me? Yes, your friend can come with you but if they are going to take the class, please have them sign up for a free visit class online.

What do people wear to fitness class? Appropriate exercise wear and athletic shoes are required for all fitness and wellness classes.  This ensures that our students receive the best possible instruction, minimize injury, increase focus, and develop a strong sense of self-confidence and studio unity. All students with long hair should have hair secured away from their face (example: ponytail).

Do you offer co-ed classes? Yes, all of our fitness and wellness classes are co-ed unless otherwise shown on the online enrollment system. Our instructors are super supportive and motivating, and we offer a terrific small gym setting for like-minded people.  Come join our workout crew!

Are classes safe and monitored? Yes, We have closed circuit camera systems recording 24/7 in all of our studio spaces. Our instructors are all seasoned professionals with certifications in their areas of instruction. Our instructors will work with you to support your fitness and wellness goals.  If you have any health or safety concerns, be sure to disclose those need on your enrollment form and discuss your needs directly with your class instructor.  Our staff strives to offer you the highest quality personalized fitness experience as possible.