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Collierville Arts Academy
Fitness & Wellness

Collierville Arts Academy offers fitness and wellness classes for men and women. Our fitness and wellness classes are taught by certified fitness professionals with years of teaching experience at a variety of intensity levels, so they know what they are doing and how to properly help you achieve your goals. 

Our group classes are well-designed from beginning to end to offer you the best workout possible in the style of your choice - select from Reflextion (Yoga and Pilates based flexibility mat work), Iron Mat Pilates (Pilates with free weights), Fusion Kickboxing (Pilates warmup with kickboxing) or H.I.T.T Workouts, By purchasing a fitness class card, you can experience a variety of workouts at a great price with no contracts.

Unlike most gyms and fitness centers, we do not have any long term contracts to make joining our classes expensive or difficult either, so come discover why a more personalized fitness class will give you a better workout at a better price. Your first class is always complimentary.

The Grind 5:30AM (ages 16-adults/50 minute class)is the ultimate early morning workout that offers a complete full-body workout that has a different theme each day of the week such as a high intensity interval training workout, a functional fitness workout, metabolic training workout, and kickboxing for fat burn. Lose fat, tone your muscles, get firm, trim, and feel great with Coach Terry Johnson at The Grind Workout Monday-Friday.

Ultimate Fitness Workout (ages 18+) (45-minute class offered daily Mon-Fri) Our early morning fitness workouts are designed to be adaptable for all fitness levels and are led by experienced and certified professionals. Early morning workouts include a variety of exercises each week to keep the workouts fresh and exciting. We include proper full body warm ups, strengthening, flexibility, metabolic work for fat burn, H.I.T.T., pilates mat, free weights, ropes, and so much more! Come try the difference being a member of our fitness family will make in your accountability to your workouts and your fitness goals.

Reflextion (ages 15+/30 minute class) A relaxing and calming class focused on improving flexibility, relieving muscle tension and removing stress from the whole body. 

Iron Mat Pilates (ages 15+/45 minute class) A wonderful blend of pilates mat-work and free weights for a whole body workout that delivers great results.

Fusion Kickboxing (ages 15-adults/45 minute class) A total body workout that begins with a gentle warmup for improved flexibility, a 30-minute kickboxing intensive workout that incorporates free weights to tone the arms, chest, back, core, and ends with a proper cool-down. 

Ask a member of our staff about our Wedding Bootcamps, Women Only Fitness Workouts, and private coaching for athletes at all levels of skill with our fitness coaches.

 We are one phone call away from setting you up with a WEEK OF FREE FITNESS workouts!

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