Collierville Arts Academy
Music Lessons: Ages 5-Adults

Whether you are a young child taking your first piano lesson or an advanced student of guitar, Collierville Arts Academy has top-notch instructors in a variety of musical instruments and vocal instruction to help you move closer to achieving your musical goals. We offer lessons for children, teens and adults at all experience levels and in a variety of musical styles.

Currently we have instructors with professional expertise in the following areas of music:

Piano (all styles)

Guitar (acoustic and electric)

Bass Guitar

Vocal Training


There are three simple steps:

1. Schedule and complete an informal interview with an instructor.

Please call or email us to arrange an interview with one of our instructors. Our instructors each have different days when they are at the Academy. We will put you in contact with the appropriate music teacher, based on instrument, and they will schedule a brief interview with you/the student to get all questions answered and make sure everyone's on the same page.

2. Schedule and book your music lessons with the instructor.

After the interview and if all parties are ready to move forward, come to the front desk and we will schedule the lessons on our online system, according to the instructor's schedule. This will have been discussed with you during the interview in terms of what time slots/days are available.  All music students book and prepay for 5 Lessons in advance. This gives the instructor a reasonable time in which to get results. Generally, lessons are 30-minutes or 45-minutes long. A 30-minute lesson is $30 and the 45-minute lesson is $45. Discounts due to siblings or multiple students are possible but that is up to the instructor's discretion.

3. Regularly attend your lessons and practice.

Attend your lessons, enjoy learning and once 4 lessons have been completed, the instructor will remind you to renew for the next 5 lessons.

When you are ready to set up your

interview appointment, please call us at 901-861-7001.