Collierville Arts Academy
Martial Arts Programs: Ages 4-Adults

Collierville Arts Academy's martial arts classes are well-designed from beginning to end to offer you the best martial arts training in the style of your choice. Our martial arts programs include Tigers Karate, BattleMasters, Olympic-style Fencing, and Self-Defense.

We have classes and training options for ages 4 - adults from beginning to advanced skills.

We do not have any long term contracts to make joining our classes expensive or difficult either. Come discover our martial arts training program and remember your first class is always complimentary.

Tigers Karate!!


Children's Little Tigers Karate (ages 4-6/30 min. class/Fridays @ 6:00pm)
A terrific martial arts introduction based in Shotokan Karate for very young children to develop balance, control, and discipline while learning important basics that will last a lifetime. Students will earn belt rankings as they progress through the syllabus learning stances and technical moves, playing fun games and challenges - all the while developing in a positive manner both mentally and physically! Sign in or sign up for an account and then come try our Little Tigers Karate class in a free trial class!

Tigers Karate (ages 6.5-teens/Beginners Class is Wed @ 5:30pm)
Our Shotokan-based Karate class for beginning martial arts students helps to develop self-defense, discipline, and confidence for children and teens. Students will earn belt rankings as they progress through our syllabus. Want to try? Create an account and add your student then come and try a free trial class on either Wed 5:30pm class (for ages 6.5-9) or Mondays at 5:30pm (for ages 9.5-16).

Sensei Tom!


For ages 6 - adult
New Trial students: Mon @ 6:30pm
Regular Students: Fri @ 5:30pm

Calling all Jedi, Ninja, Samurai, Pirates, and Musketeers! This is a unique program in weapons training using durable, safe Actionflex¬ģ padded weapons.

Seeking to unlock the 'Hero Within', BattleMasters offers students a structured and disciplined weapons training program for all ages and skill levels.

Come try this martial arts class to fully discover how great a complete training class this is for all ages!

Want to know MORE about BattleMasters? Go HERE!

(It used to be called 'SwordMasters'!)


This time-honored sport of fencing is outstanding for all ages and skill levels. Learn the exciting sport of foil, epee, and saber fencing - en garde! For more information on how to get started, please click here.


How do I know what class I belong in at Collierville Arts Academy? Students ages 4-9 are placed into classes first by their age and then by their experience level. When you register your child, please be certain you use their correct birthdate so the online system will present you with correct class options. For students with previous experience, we suggest that you call our office to arrange for a free placement class with one of our instructors.

How long is the martial arts season of classes? Our Martial Arts Programs run with the Academy seasons: Aug-May and Summer (June/July). 

How do I enroll for a martial arts class? Before 'enrolling', we want you to come TRY a class.
For Karate and BattleMasters, one free trial class is available to all prospective students. After that trial class, we will have answered all questions and you will know if you are ready to enroll.

For Fencing, all new students must take the Learn to Fence class. This is a one-time trial class for ages 9.5-99+, boys/girls, male/female is an hour (to an hour and a half) long class introduces fencing history, covers basic equipment, presents basic foundational positions, instills proper movements, and begins teaching correct blade skills. LTF students also get to handle all of the equipment we use when fencing. Most fun of all, LTF students get a chance to Fence during their FIRST class! (There IS a fee for this introductory class.)

How do I pay my tuition? When you decide to register for a class, our automated front desk management system allows you to select payment options, ten (10) monthly installments at our regular tuition rate, two (2) payments (including a tuition discount), or payment-in-full (including a tuition discount). Monthly tuition installments are due before the 7th of the month. We encourage auto-pay setup to avoid a late payment fee. We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards for tuition payments.  

Are there any other expenses outside of tuition? There is an annual registration fee of $30 for one student or $50 for an entire family.  Students will need to purchase a CAA Gi uniform which begin at $30.  There are fees associated with belt testing, tournaments, etc. Please speak with a staff member for more detailed information.

What should my student wear to class? Our classes have required dress codes. This ensures that our students receive the best possible instruction, minimize injury, increase focus, and develop a strong sense of self-confidence and studio unity. All students with long hair should have hair secured away from their face (example: ponytail).

Do you offer co-ed classes? Yes, our martial arts classes are co-ed. 

Is sparring required for martial arts training?  In our martial arts classes sparring with another person is not required. We do not offer sparring in our young children's classes.  Any sparring opportunities in a classroom setting are very limited and controlled to avoid injury. Please speak with an instructor if you have specific questions regarding sparring or tournaments etc.

Where can I purchase my student's uniform? Everything your child will need for their class uniform can be purchased through our in-studio boutique - the Collierville Arts Boutique, or through our online CAA student portal. 

I missed fall registration, can I still enroll? Yes, we accept new students year round when we have spaces available in a class. Please call our studio office at 901-861-7001 to inquire or if you do not see a class opening in the online registration system.

Can I observe class each week? Yes, we have an 'open door' policy for parents to observe all of our classes at any time. We have closed circuit camera systems recording 24/7 in all of our studio spaces, so you can sit in the lobby and observe class too.