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Martial Arts Classes 

Our training programs are available for children and youth in Tigers Karate program. Older youth and teens may be interested in our BattleMasters program, Olympic Fencing, and Kickboxing.

We have classes and training options for ages 4 - adults from beginning to advanced skills.   

Call to schedule a complimentary class at 901-861-7001.

Class Descriptions

Collierville Arts Academy's martial arts classes are well-designed from beginning to end to offer you the best martial arts training in the style of your choice.  Our martial arts programs include Tigers Karate, BattleMasters, Olympic-style Fencing, Kickboxing, and Self-Defense.

We have classes and training options for ages 4 - adults from beginning to advanced skills.  

We do not have any long term contracts to make joining our classes expensive or difficult either. Come discover our martial arts training program and remember your first class is always complimentary.

Children's Little Tigers Karate  (ages 4-6/30 min. class)  A terrific martial arts introduction based in Karate for very young children to develop balance, control, and discipline while learning important basics that will last a lifetime. Students will earn belt rankings as they progress through the syllabus.  

Tigers Karate (ages 7-adults/1 hour class up to 3 times per week) Our Karate class for beginning through advanced level martial arts students helps to develop self-defense, discipline, and confidence for children, teens and adults. Students will earn belt rankings as they progress through our syllabus.

BattleMasters (ages 6-adults)  Calling all Jedi, Ninja, Samurai, Pirates, and Musketeers! This is a unique program in weapons training using durable, safe Actionflex┬« padded weapons. Seeking to unlock the 'Hero Within', BattleMasters offers students a disciplined weapons training program for all ages and skill levels. Come try this martial arts class to fully discover how great a complete training class this is for all ages! For more information about this program and its teaching philosophy, please click here.

Fencing (ages 10- adults) This time-honored sport of fencing is outstanding for all ages and skill levels. Learn the exciting sport of foil, epee, and saber fencing - en garde! For more information on how to get started, please click here.

Self-Defense (ages 7-adults) We offer self-defense classes and workshops for all ages throughout the year in a short-course format.

Kickboxing (ages 13-adults) We offer challenging endurance and strength-training classes centered on kicking and punching skills based on the Western Boxing, Karate and Muay Thai Kickboxing styles of martial arts.  Come workout with us and enjoy the difference our kickboxing classes offer you!

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