Academy Fees and Policies

- Our Mission -
To enrich the human spirit through the arts and humanities, empowering through education, and inspiring through performance.

- Our Guiding Principles -
• To empower students, families, & friends to achieve fulfilling & productive lives
• To maintain commitment to the principle of excellence in our instruction
• To instruct our students in a safe and positive environment
• To encourage the essence of teamwork
• To share our values in our school and in our community
• To give back for what we have been given
• To invigorate dreams and honor traditions

- Our Policies & Academy Handbook -
Our CAA Handbook offers detailed information for all of our program areas.
This handbook is provided online in your Collierville Arts Academy Account.

- General Policies -

Payment Methods
Cash, Checks, Credit/Debit Card - Visa/MasterCard, Discover, AmericanExpress, and PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment. E-checks are accepted too. All checks must be made payable to Collierville Arts Academy.

Registration Fee
The registration fee is paid annually and is $30 for an individual or $50 for family registration (two or more people from the same household). Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason.

Refunds & Makeup Lessons
Tuition payments are non-refundable after the student’s first class or lesson for any reason. Tuition is only refunded in cases of severe illness or injury when verified with Doctor’s written note. Refunds are not given for individual classes, class cards, competitions, performances, tickets, costume fees, convention fees, master class fees, etc.  We do allow students to makeup missed classes during the term of their enrollment. Students must provided 24-hour notice prior to an absence to qualify for a makeup lesson. Attendance is monitored weekly and updated through our online system. Please arrange your makeup lesson with a staff member at the Front Desk in person at the studio.

Tuition Payments Monthly Installment & Term Discounts
Full Season Payment Discount - Tuition may be paid for the entire season (August - May) and a 10% discount off the total of the entire season tuition will be given to those who pay for the season in full.

Partial Season Installment Payment Discount - In order to receive a 5% tuition discount for the partial season installment payment plan, the first payment for Aug-Dec must be made by August 15th and the second installment for Jan-May must be made by January 15th.

Monthly Installment Payments - Tuition may be paid in equal monthly installments for a total of 10 monthly installments. Monthly tuition payments are made through Auto-Pay in your online account.

Short Courses - Fees for short courses and workshops are due in full at the time of registration.  Once a short course begins refunds will not be given, but credit can be applied to a student account for use toward another course or class tuition. 

Tuition Ranges
All of our program areas have varying tuition rates based upon the type of class, amount of time in class etc. We offer generous discounts for multiple family members and multiple classes in all of our program areas too.
Here is a convenient range of monthly tuition installments for our various program areas.
Acting, Modeling, and Personal Development Courses $50-$200
Fine Arts Courses $65-80 
Music Lessons approx. $30-$120
Fencing Instruction: $80-$140
Martial Arts Instruction: $75-$99
Fitness & Wellness: $50-$80
Dance Instruction: $65-$250 

Tuition Discounts
Family Member Discounts
(members of the same family) will be automatically calculated by our online system once you have selected your classes for all family members.
The first student pays the full rate.
The 2nd student receives a 25% discount.
The 3rd student receives a 35% discount.
The 4th and subsequent students from the same family receive a generous 50% discount.

Multi-Class Discounts
Multi-class discounts are automatically built into our tuition structure and are based on the total amount of enrolled class time per week. The more classes you enroll in, the larger your discount. Our multi-class discounts offer between 35% - 50% off rates depending upon enrollment in our various classes. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you in determining the best tuition package for your situation.

Class Cards
Class cards may be purchased by visiting guests and for short term instruction purposes.
Cards will expire within 60 days of purchase. Class cards are not refundable for any reason.

Drop-In Class Rate
Our Drop-In Class Rate is $20-25 per class.

Dropping a Class
If a student is enrolled in multiple classes and needs to withdraw from a class, simply complete a Drop Form from the Front Desk with 30-days written notice prior to the next tuition installment cycle and the class can be dropped. This will change your next tuition installment amount and you should see that updated amount reflected in your account once your enrollment adjustment is finalized. If you do not give our staff 30-day written notice, your account will be subject to a $20 Administrative Fee for Class Changes.

Withdrawal from the Academy
Complete withdrawals from the Academy prior to the end of a term is not advised, but our staff and faculty understand that some times things change for different reasons. If a student is forced to withdraw from the Academy prematurely, the student/parent must complete a Withdrawal Form available at the Academy office or in the student's online account. 
The Withdrawal Form is to be submitted with a Withdrawal Fee which is equal to one month’s tuition installment for the account.
Students who prematurely stop attending classes during the term without completing the Withdrawal Form and making their final tuition installment payment will be billed for the entire remaining balance of the class as agreed to upon their enrollment. 

Dance Performances
Nutcracker Performer Fee $55* includes complimentary reserved seating for one parent,
  costume rentals & performance video & photo downloads
Spring Dance Showcase Performer Fee $55*
(*includes 2 Showcase Reserved Seats, Showcases Video & Photo Downloads & Program)
Additional Showcase Tickets may be purchased as needed.
Dance Showcase Costume Fees $45-$75 each
Costume rentals for our professional quality costumes and pro-level tutus range from $20-$55.

Tournament Fees for Fencing & Martial Arts
Please speak with an instructor regarding the costs for tournaments etc.

Fine Arts Gallery Shows & Music Recitals
There are no fees to participate in our fine arts gallery shows or music recitals.

Acting, Modeling, Dance Competitions
We do not require our students to participate in competitions but many do.  
There are various fees associated with competitions.  Please speak with an instructor for more specific information.

Referral Rewards
If you refer a student to Collierville Arts Academy we offer a Referral Credit to your account. 
Please consult your Academy Guidebook & Policies for details.