Karate, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Kickboxing

Studying the martial arts develops balance, coordination, and self-confidence.   Traditional dojo discipline and respect is exercised by all of our students however our dojo atmosphere is friendly and positive.  At Collierville Arts Academy, we seek to help you attain your personal goals in your martial arts training - whether it’s self-confidence, self-defense, competition and sparring experience, or personal development.

We offer several martial arts styles including several styles of Karate, Muay Thai, and Jujitsu for older children through adults while our Little Tigers Karate program is the perfect introduction to martial arts for children ages 4 - 7.  Maybe you are looking for a program that’s appropriate for an older beginner or perhaps you have previous experience? Our martial arts instructors are highly qualified and experienced teachers with many years of training for demonstration, competition, and for self-defense.  So whether you are an older beginner or a seasoned martial artist, Collierville Arts Academy has a martial arts program and a sensei that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Martial Arts FAQs...

What do students wear to class?  For your introductory lesson, come wearing appropriate athletic apparel.  You will most likely take your class in bare feet. If you decide to join the program, the sensei (instructor) will help you order your program equipment and your first uniform, depending upon the martial arts program.

Is martial arts good exercise? What is a class like?  Our martial arts programs offer an excellent form of physical exercise regardless of age.  We always warm up the entire body with a thorough stretch routine. The sensei will lead the students through a variety of skills and drills and katas (special sequences of skills).

Can my daughter participate in your martial arts programs?  Yes!  You will see females of every age and skill level in our program.  All of our classes are coeducational.

Do you earn belts or have a ranking system?   Yes, students in our martial arts programs earn belts that show their level or rank.  Belt testing is done during class times for the early belt levels, while the brown and black belts have their testing on a special day and time.

What about if I already have experience from a different system?  Occasionally, we have an experienced martial artists come in.  All students with open minds are welcome - and our sensei are accomodating and respectful of previous experience.  Please ask to have an interview with our sensei to have all your questions answered.

Do the students participate in demonstrations or tournaments?  Our martial arts demonstration days occur each fall and spring. Some students also often have opportunities to demonstrate their skills at local charity events and festivals in our community.  Tournaments are optional.  Speak with your sensei for more information.

Do you offer private instruction?   Yes, simply call our front desk to arrange an appointment with one of our instructors in any of our program areas.

Do you offer self-defense training or workshops?   Yes, we periodcially offer short courses (2 - 4 lessons) in practical self-defense training for children, teens, and adult males and females.  We also private instruction with any of our martial arts instructors.  Call our front desk for more information on our self-defense training options.

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