Martial Arts 

Collierville Arts Academy offers a variety of unique martial arts training.  From our in-house weapons-based martial arts program - Samurai Academy - to the unarmed style of karate to the combat-focused Muay Thai Boxing, we provide challenging and rewarding martial arts disciplines.   Students who participate in our martial arts classes  benefit in many ways.  

Martial Arts Styles Offered at Collierville Arts Academy

Little Tigers  •  Samurai Academy  •  Karate  •  Muay Thai  •  Jujitsu  •  Kickboxing 

Coordination & Concentration

Martial arts will improve your physical strength, flexibility, and your abiility to use your body.  Different styles of martial arts will require different levels of coordination, but everyone starts out a beginner and more challenging skills are accumulated over time.

Friends & Fitness

You’d be amazed at how friendly the people at Collierville Arts Academy are and how much we love what we do.  We are not an agressive group with something to prove.  We have a practical approach to everything we teach, our instructors are encouraging and friendly, and you will find that our students enjoy their martial arts that way too.  You will find a group of people that enjoy the same things you enjoy - come give us a try!

Humility & Confidence

A great teacher can inspire the way you think and feel. You may go into class with one mindset and come out completely transformed.  We are not an 'old school dojo’ with severe and overly rigid sensei.  Our instructors are contemporary martial artists with years of teaching experience under their blackbelts.  Our instructors know the value of patience, being humble, and strive to instill humility and respect in their studentss. 

Discipline & Focus
Discipline and focus is required to be successful in anything that you do.  We teach our students to train to improve each week, work towards their individual goals, and we reward dedication, comittment, excellence, and discipline.  Discipline is the key cornerstone in all of the martial arts, and developing discipline lays a foundation for great personal success.

Attitude & Courage
Martial arts training over time can bring a strong sense of self-esteem, self-motivation, and integrity.  Our instructors at Collierville Arts Academy work in a dojo environment that fosters opportunities for developing positive attitudes towards themselves and others.  Courage comes from knowing you are training with integrity.  A positive attitude can make all the diffence in how a student develops their skills.

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