Catherine Knowles

Fine Arts Instructor

Senior Portraits Spring 2013 (3)

Ms. Knowles is a professional artist and illustrator from Memphis, TN and the Associate Art Director at Red Lion, a local creative services company.

As life-long artist, Catherine enjoys all things creative including dance, theatre and music, and all of the fine arts.  She is a published professional and regularly enjoys doing commissioned art work.  You can often find her work on display locally and regionally at craft and art shows and comic cons.

Most recently Ms. Knowles served as the lead art designer on a live-event featuring animation for a cartoon voiced by actor John DeLancie (Star Trek’s Q character).   She continually stays busy producing graphics design projects for local businesses. She is a Helen Hardin Honors Program Senior Student at the University of Memphis, completeing her B.F.A. degree and majoring in graphic design.  

In 2015, Ms. Knowles' work was featured in the 32nd Annual Juried Student Exhibition at the University of Memphis Museum and she is the recipient of several art scholarship awards.  In 2016, Ms. Knowles was one of seven nationally recognized graphic designers featured in the UCDA Magazine for her Design in Education Project. 

Now in her sixth year of teaching, she enjoys encouraging children to explore their own unique abilities through creativity in art projects and loves to instill a joy for art in her classes for all ages.

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