Brian Costner

Music Instructor - Piano & Guitar

Brian Costner - headshot 2016

Brian Costner began music lessons at the age of 6, and has been playing ever since.  Starting out on piano for 10 years, he also took up guitar lessons, then bass lessons.  He has been performing with numerous bands and artists since the mid-90s, including the Father Ryan High School jazz band, the Purdue University Latin Percussion Band, and an assortment of creative projects in Nashville and Memphis, TN.  

Mr. Costner has been teaching music lessons for 20 years, whether on piano, guitar, or bass.  His classes incorporate reading sheet music, learning music theory and finger exercises, as well as learning to play by ear.  He enjoys sharing his love of music and learning with all his students, and tailors his lessons to meet his students’ musical desires while challenging them too.  

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