Collierville Arts Academy
Children's Dance: Ages 3-6

Our children's dance curriculum is rooted in the world renowed Royal Academy of Dancing teaching syllabus and Dance Masters of America syllabi and has proven over time to be highly successful in establishing a basic love for dance in children of all ages.

Our class sizes are small and well-managed by our experienced teachers. They offer plenty of creativity, expression, and joy of the dance arts for both recreational students and highly dedicated students of dance.


How do I know what class my child(ren) belong in at Collierville Arts Academy? Dancers ages 3-6 are placed into classes first by their age and then by their experience level.  When you register your child, please be certain you use their correct birthdate so the online system will present you with correct class options.  For students with previous experience, we suggest that you call our office to arrange for a free placement class with one of our instructors.

How long is the dance season?  Our dance season is similar to an academic year and runs August through May.  During June and July we offer a separate Summer Session.

How do I enroll for a class? Enrollment for new students and returning students can be completed online or in-person. To register and enroll online, you can begin by creating your free account online here.

How do I pay my tuition? When you decide to register for a class, our automated front desk management system allows you to select payment options, ten (10) monthly installments at our regular tuition rate, two (2) payments (including a tuition discount), or payment-in-full (including a tution discount).  Monthly tuition installments are due before the 7th of the month.  We encourage auto-pay setup to avoid a late payment fee. We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards for tuition payments.  

Are there any other expenses outside of tuition?  There is an annual registration fee of $30 for one student or $50 for an entire family.  Our Spring Showcase Performer Fee is $55 and includes 2 free tickets to the performance, Showcase Performance Keepsake Video, Keepsake Program, and Showcase Award.  Costume Fees range from $48 to $58 for pre-professional level costumes.

What should my child wear to class? Our classes have required dress codes.  This ensures that our students receive the best possible instruction, minimize injury, increase focus, and develop a strong sense of self-confidence and studio unity.  All students should have hair secured in a neat bun (ponytails are permitted for our Little Steps and Dance Discovery dancers).  More information about our dress code can be found here.

Where can I purchase my child's dress code?  Everything your child will need for their class dress code can be purchased through our in-studio boutique, Collierville Arts Boutique, or through our online portal.  We have access to a large inventory of dance shoes, leotards, dance wear, tights and accessories and can order what you require if we do not happen to have it in stock.  Visit Collierville Arts Boutique during office hours and we will make sure your dancer has everything they need for class.

Can my child try out a class before enrolling?  Yes, we offer a complimentary visit class for new students.  Please call our office at 901-861-7001 to arrange a visit.

I missed fall registration, can I still enroll? Yes, we accept new students when we have spaces available in a class.  Please call our studio office at 901-861-7001 to inquire.

Can I observe class each week?  Yes, we have an 'open door' policy for parents to observe all of our classes at any time. We have closed circuit camera systems recording 24/7 in all of our studio spaces, so you can sit in the lobby and observe class too.

Do you offer classes for boys?  Yes! Boys are welcome to enroll in any of our dance classes and we have some classes for boys only.  Please speak with a staff member if you have more questions about our boys classes.

Children's Dance: Class Descriptions

Little Steps Dance (age 3-4) (30 minute class/ 1x per week) An imaginative pre-ballet class for children. Inspiring music, colorful props, and creative stories set the backdrop for this amazing introduction to dance for our youngest students. Age and developmentally appropriate dance skills with proper terminology form the basis of our Little Steps Syllabus so that good habits are instilled from the very beginning. Our syllabus includes creative dance and learning games too. An informal, in-studio performance for family in December helps to prepare our youngest dancers for performing on stage. Students participate in our Student Showcase Matinee in the spring at the Harrell Theatre.

Dance Discovery Ballet & Tap (ages 4-5) (45 minute class/1x per week) A combination of classical ballet and tap dance skills presents these dance students an opportunity to develop excellent coordination, balance, and rhythm through fundamental dance movement. Our syllabus offers creative themes, motivating music, and colorful props to enhance the engaging learning environment we offer. Dance Discovery students are guided by an experienced dance professional so that our studio class is organized, well managed, and productive each week as our skills become more cumulative during the season. An informal, in-studio performance for family in December helps to prepare our youngest dancers for performing on stage. Students participate in our Student Showcase Matinee in the spring at the Harrell Theatre.

Level 1 Ballet & Tap Dance (age 5-6 ) (45 minute class/1x per week) A combination of classical ballet and tap skills develop coordination, balance and musicality for young dance students. Our motivating music and special-themed props offer the students additional incentives for learning proper dance terminology and age-appropriate dance techniques each week. Students will work at the barre, center and across the floor using combinations of steps from our class syllabus based upon the world-class Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus. Level I dance students have an informal, in-studio performance for family in December and perform in our annual Student Showcase in May at the Harrell Theatre in Collierville.

Level 2 Ballet & Tap Dance (age 6) (45 minute class/1x per week) Our Level 2 syllabus work includes barre, center and across the floor technique using combinations of steps from our Royal Academy of Dancing and Dance Masters tap syllabus foundations. Students begin preparing for foundational skills in classical ballet, tap, and musical theatre. Acting and pantomime skills help to enhance their storytelling ability and open a whole new dimension to their creativity. Level 2 students perform group roles in Act 2 of the Nutcracker produced by Collierville Ballet each December and in the CAA Student Showcase in the spring at the Harrell Theater in Collierville.

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